R4 3DS Card

R4 3DS also adds the possibility to play games on the internet. Handheld games nowadays cost a lot, and people can’t afford to buy every new game that comes out. By using R4 3DS, playing all the latest games is a breeze. You can simply download the ROMs for the game online, and this is free of charge. Then you transfer the ROM file on the microSD or SDHC card, and the firmware automatically detects the games. The games play just like the original ones, and all the features are fully working. You can save games, and they work even after soft resetting your console

These advantages of R4 3DS make it the perfect choice for anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS.


Whether you are a die-hard gamer who wants to play all the new games, a movie maniac who wants to see all the latest movies, or an audiophile who wants to hear all the latest music; R4 DS4 is the choice for you and your 3DS. This simple and effective flashcard will completely revolutionize the way you use your 3DS. You will be able to watch movies, store pictures, text files and games in a way that simply wasn’t available before. This flashcard is a perfect choice, because it’s very easy to set up and run, which makes it a favorite among Nintendo 3DS owners.

We all love our Nintendo 3DS, but at some point, we just wish it could do more. The development of new mobile devices is a huge competition to the handheld gaming market, and using R4 3DS; you can make the 3DS stand out from your mobile phone. If you want to improve and expand the way your 3DS works, then buy R4 3DS. This tiny card will bring a huge change to your handheld console experience.


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